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Enkidu Wine LLC

Spring 2022

Dear Friends of Enkidu:

For our “Ancestor” Club Members, many of whom have been with us for over 10 years, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing this journey that has been Enkidu. For our new Friends, WELCOME!!! In our new site we feel we have finally found the best opportunity to receive and embrace you all in providing a wonderful experience to enjoy Enkidu wines.  

This is usually a quiet time of year for many wineries.  The wines are all put to bed awaiting blending decisions in the spring.  Perhaps a little bottling of the young, fresh wines from the previous vintage…think, rose’; perhaps a few small adjustments to the wines; and the all-important vacations to recuperate from a little sleep deprivation from harvest, and to reconnect with our soul mates.  No better way than to take a road trip to southern Utah…with hairy beast, Anu, in tow. With over 50 hours driving, I think Wife Melissa got enough of catching up with me to last awhile! That said, stunning countryside, although we had to bring some Enkidu wine along as there is none to be found in Utah.  We also are thrilled that Daughter Gabbi is returning from New Zealand in a couple of weeks after their government relaxed their Covid rules for leaving/entering the country.  I wish I could say that Gabbi is back permanently, but we have to be satisfied with a month’s visit.  Guess there is very little mystery to where we will be traveling next January! 

 In the vineyard the crews are pruning for this year’s harvest.  The weather has been very mild since Jan. 1, with many days into the mid-70’s.  February was exceptionally warm, which on the surface is not really a big issue.  But if the vines come out of dormancy and bud break starts, the buds become very susceptible to frost damage should we have a freeze.  We still have another 7 weeks of possible frost events so some vineyards may find themselves at risk. However, if we have no freezing temps we will have a very early harvest, perhaps like in 2015 and 2016.  These are perhaps the finest back-to-back vintages I have experienced, so we’re not fretting too much about the warmer temps.  That said, we are worried about the lack of water.  We started the rain season in October like gang busters, a record rain event and continual rain until the first of the year, then…FULL STOP!  Vines can get by on little water, but we did experience some issues in some vineyards last harvest.  So to be sure that we have enough rain in the remaining season we’re raising a glass to the rain gods every night…that should help! 

 A couple of weeks ago I finished putting the blends together for our red wines.  Our initial impressions are that the 2021 wines are very structured, concentrated, and of very high quality.  One of the first wines of this vintage was just bottled, the 2021 Shamhat Rose’. We have been sold out of our rose’ for over six months and we are happy to have it to include in the spring club shipment (unless you’re “Reds Only”). We also have our first SPARKLING wine, which has long been requested by just about everyone.  To fill out the selected wines for Spring we are including the 2019 Cuve’e JM, 2019 Old Vine Zinfandel, 2018 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, and 2018 ANSAR Cabernet Sauvignon.  We are including some well-cellared 2018 vintage wines in your Spring 2022 Club shipments as we didn’t produce wine in 2020.  We did the aging for you and the wines are even more impressive. 

Bev is doing a fabulous job of readying your shipments.  She revised our Club to enable all of our Friends the ability to customize shipments should you wish to change or add on to the selected wines.  This new feature has been very popular and gives you the best experience in purchasing Enkidu wines.  Many have asked, “when are we putting on a party?”  We’re in the planning stages and it looks like it will be in May, finally, after three years.  We will be setting a date in the next few days and will reach out with all of the details.   

Please continue enjoying our wines, and we look forward to seeing you in Sonoma!!!

Drink well!