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Enkidu Wine LLC

Winemaking and Winemaker


Enkidu Winemaker/Founder, Phillip Staehle, created Enkidu Wine to produce wines of outstanding character, and to get back to “...working with my hands, to use all of my senses, and live and work according to the seasons of the year.” Phil honed his craft at Carmenet Vineyards (Chalone Wine Group) from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. The philosophies at Carmenet still resonate today and were best expressed by the late Dick Graff: “To be the best you can, to not compromise on quality; and most certainly concentrate on every detail.”

As with the spirit of Enkidu, Dick’s words are a guide in our winemaking, business, and life. We strive to create wines that are first and foremost an embodiment of the vineyard. We employ a minimalist approach utilizing techniques which maximize the expression of the fruit, resulting in balanced, complex wines, which frankly, just taste good! Distinctive and expressive, Enkidu wines are carefully crafted and nurtured: the product of our commitment to make the best wines possible.

Phil lives in Santa Rosa, California with his wife Melissa and his hairy “Lab beast" Anu.